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For more on residential:


You may have purchased a home with the direct intention of renovating, or your needs have grown or tastes have changes since occupying your premises.

Sometimes a small change or addition makes the world of difference to your lifestyle, whereas at other times, a complete overhaul is required with detailed planning and multiple inclusive design elements.

With extensive experience working with clients to create desired improvements, DN Studio is able to incorporate cost effective new designs into an existing space, enhancing the overall functional and aesthetic aspects of your home experience.




For more on grouped dwellings:


As urban spaces continually expand, the demand for two or more properties on the same block of land has increased. With growing demands for the most efficient utilisation of land, the need for architects and designers creativity to maximise the full potential of the development has never been so important.

When designing Grouped Dwellings,  it is important to create feasible structural designs that maximise privacy and natural spaces, while also creating maximum returns for investors.

There are a lot of elements to consider, which clever use of space, building materials and creative design can address. Shared areas such as driveways and gardens leave a large impact on the value of the final homes built, while still delivering spacious quality residences.



For more on multi residential designs:


Working with developers to see quality structures and designs that appeal to a variety of end users creates true livability without compromising final results or overall investment values.

Creating  an eye-catching, harmonious and appealing common area is also a crucial part of design, including vibrant shared open spaces that best meet the recreational needs of the residential community. This ensures a long term appeal whilst maintaining privacy to both internal and external outdoor spaces. This enhances positive, ongoing returns on investments and attraction of versatile clients.

By focusing on maximising space, utilising light and the available site potential, any challenges the site may have initially presented can be met in a creative, viable and sustainable manner.

When creating a space that serves as a home to multiple residents, there are many aspects of planning and development to work through to arrive at an end result that is highly desirable for a broad range of owners and tenants.

Working together with local council can also improve the speed of planning and approval processes, avoiding the sometimes lengthy delays that arise from not doing so.

DN Studio also specialises in renovations and sub divisions of commercial properties.



For more on interior design:


Interior is the soul of any project which is why it is critical to consider interior space when designing the any building.

Elements such as sustainability, practicality of space and natural light should be the core elements of interior space that make a good foundation for interior designers to work with.

Equally important is practicality and use of interior space whether that be commercial or residential development.

When the interior is given personality and character creatively suited to an individual, family or a business combined with above mentioned but also with correct use of materials, fixtures, finishes, textures  and placement thoughtfully designed or selected furniture, interior spaces comes to life with individual personality.

From here, while working to meet design guidelines and costings, each area should be accentuated by the addition of the finer details. Light, well placed colour and focal points bring to life a complete picture within each unique living space, as well as adding many other facets.



For more on disability accessible dwellings:


Disability access is essential part of commercial design in most instances and requires understanding of codes and policies for compliance such as Building Codes of Australia and relevant Australian Standards. We believe there should be much more to disability access than just meeting the guidelines, with a focus on comfort and livablity of an individual who would interact with the space.

It is upto us as architects and designers to consider other objectives and provide more reliable and accessible buildings and premises to help individuals with these needs, considering for example minimising access distances and reducing changes in height.

Other than multi residential apartments  and special use residential buildings, there are generally no requirements for compliance with disability access codes and therefore most residential projects are not accommodated for disability access.

Over the years we have been involved in designing new dwellings that meet the disability accessible requirements and with client collaboration we were able to accommodate the most suitable outcome for their needs.

We have also been involved in full or partial modifications and renovations of existing dwellings to meets the need of owner occupier.

There are also options for land density bonuses for properties that meet Australian Standards for disability accessible dwellings. Read more on this subdivisions (link) section of website.

If you require modifications to cater for wheelchair accessibility or to meet the needs of residents who require particular home safety features, it is possible to have these additions implemented while still maintaining design elements that embrace homeliness and meet your particular specifications.

If you are building a new dwelling, workspace or commercial building, designs can be built in a manner that is accessible for everyone as part of the overall plan, ensuring modifications are not required for future users of the building. No matter how precise your requirements are, there are solutions in every area that can work in line with your budget.



For more on garage additions:


While garage additions require more planning  and are often subject to further legislation and development approvals, they are a much more secure and comprehensive option than an open carport. Many modern homes require extensive storage space for multiple cars, bike, boats and garden/ recreational items, as well as the possibility of built in work spaces or spaces allocated for recreational purposes.

In some instances open carports are converted to garages to provide security and privacy and with constantly evolving changes to local council policies and guidelines it common that garage or open carports can be reconstructed in front of an existing dwelling whilst existing carports or garage spaces are converted into living spaces such as living/dining rooms or additional bedrooms.

Garages can be the first point of contact with your residence when you return home from daily life. Your garage can be a welcoming space, instead of a utilitarian car parking or a storage space.


Creating it as an elegant feature that is welcoming is a concept that transforms the way you may have originally planned your space.

If you require assistance deciding on the most workable options for your current needs, please get in touch for an obligation free discussion about suitable options for your needs, available space and budget.


For more on carports:


Whilst garages are useful for privacy, storage and other aspects, carports are sometimes a preferred solution, for example where open space is required for compliance or design aspects.

Open carports are excellent for smaller lots where open spaces are at capacity, allowing more internal storage or livable space.

Considering design aspects of a carport  ensure that it complements the design of a residence whether it is a new design or an addition to existing premises.

Carports are also a great addition to the garage where weather protection is more important than enclosed spaces for personal assets such as boats or bikes. They also serve well in the event of limited budget.

You may decide to have your design purpose built for your needs or use your own plans as a basis for the work.

If you require more information regarding carports, local policies and regulations for compliance or need assistance with Development and Building Applications, please contact us directly for a complimentary discussion .


For more on bathroom additions:


Bathrooms are an essential part of interior design for a fresh, new .  There are also times when owners feel it is time to update an existing bathroom and give it a new fresh new look. This process can range from simple alterations to extensive structural changes which may include the removal of walls while maintaining overall structural stability and safety.

At times it is as simple as reworking the existing space and features to bring about better aesthetic flow by use of colour and material, while in other cases it may be necessary to do a complete overhaul and make use of neighboring rooms. You may wish to accommodate a growing family, create a larger overall space or redesign the look and layout to better reflect your homes personality and changes that may have taken place over the years.

Some elements you can consider while designing a bathroom are use of colour, mirrors, lighting and finishes to maximise the space, as well as considering practical elements such as ventilation, window spacing, materials and water efficiency to deliver a final desired outcome that is an asset to the original space and value of property. Whether a large undertaking or a minor update, we will endeavor to provide an elegant, tasteful and timeless design for your bathroom project.


For more on kitchens:


If we consider the amount of time spent in the kitchen it is no wonder that most owners see this room as the as a key element for their decision when purchasing or renovating their homes.

More than ever before, kitchens form part of a living space especially for open plan designs and furthermore introduce a  pressure to design elegant and reflective spaces that have a positive impact on our living space, yet also reflect our every day lifestyle – embracing those small enjoyable moments that we all look forward to.

It is imperative to consider practicality and cost effectiveness of a given space and usual movement when one is using the space.

Some examples of our works can be viewed in our gallery, but for more information on how you can transform your space or create something ideal for your purposes, please contact us directly.



For more on alfresco and patio spaces:


Outdoor space has always been an important factor to homes and our daily  lifestyle. Depending on the design, alfresco and patio structures are considered as open spaces which allow architects and designers to create larger covered outdoor spaces for weather protection whilst maintaining compliance to standard and policies.

Desired options for an outdoor space are alfresco as it forms part of the building and compliments building design, but where alfresco structure is not possible patios are an alternative option.

The majority of patios are basic and cost effective solutions to a problem, but if carefully considered a patio can be designed to form a creative and elegant spaces that compliments and improves the design of existing structure. This is specifically true for patio additions attached to already constructed less creatively designed buildings.

Please contact us for complimentary advice or more information regarding compliance and possibilities.


For more on boundary walls & fences:


Depending on the location and existing fencing of your property, you may require additions to be made to existing structures for your privacy and security.

Dividing fences are those between neighboring properties, a boundary fence faces public open spaces and a privacy screen is an additional structure created within an existing property.

Depending on the area that fencing is facing, a building permit or some form of agreement with neighboring properties may need to be sought. There are also considerations such as permeability and site lines.

We welcome enquiries to discuss options you have in these areas, including new fencing, adjustments to additional fencing, screens and decorative options.  For those with discerning style requirements, there are many aesthetically designed options that meet the utmost of security and privacy requirements with visually pleasing design features.

Solutions in the design process made in this area can not only maximise spatial efficiency but also create a focal element to your home while assisting with the overall safety and privacy of the residence.  



For more on outbuilding shed additions:


Over the years we have been involved in design and development of a variety of structures including sheds and storage spaces for different client requirements.

From smaller residential garden sheds to large rural residential sheds used for housing of rural and agricultural machinery and equipment, we are able to create something that works for the space and desired purpose.

Sheds are generally used as a more economical alternative to storage solutions and are often overlooked in their impact on existing residences. If thoughtfully designed sheds can form elegant and aesthetically pleasing design elements of a residence with minimal additional costs.

From traditional structures right through to meticulously designed modern, multi-functional spaces, there is an cost effective if not cheap option to meet your needs and budget.

For more information on compliance and the different options of sheds available feel free to contact us for complimentary advice and recommendations.


For more on landscaping:


Landscaping is as vital to consider for an external space as energy efficiency and natural lighting is for an interior space. It’s important to consider existing natural surrounding landscapes when making decisions about well designed planted landscaping.

Introducing large windows and similar elements of design to bring exterior landscaping into interior space is one example how landscaping can enhance interior space and quality of every day life.

Shading and privacy are other aspects where landscaping can form part of a design, as is preserving any current landscaping and designing inclusively with existing elements.

Only buildings that are designed around nature, rather than a replacement of the natural environment, should be considered as true creative architectural designs.

If you have a suitable unused space and the requirement for an additional living space in a separate structure, our team can help you utilise this space for a variety of custom designed purposes.

When creating your particular brief, it is possible to achieve the exacting functional and design results that encompass the best usage of your overall space down to the finest details of your planning.

If we can be of assistance, get in touch for  obligation free advice or any further information that you need regarding your landscaping project.


For more on granny flats:


Granny flats, or ancillary dwellings, can be a great addition to your existing residence both financially and practically, but also from a design perspective.

With recent changes of regulations, granny flats can add value to your ongoing cost reductions and increase potential rental income as well as giving you additional space for guests and family members.

Granny flats should be considered as an extension to the existing dwelling and should be designed to reflect and enhance the character of the existing building, having a positive impact on the overall design of the backyard and outdoor space.

There are also a lot of limitations from design and planning perspectives that vary for most local councils subject to the specific policies applicable.

There is a huge variety of benefits and uses of granny flats. If we can be of assistance with understanding the policies applicable to your development please get in touch.


For more on single bedroom dwellings:


Single bedroom dwellings are small independent residential residences similar to ancillary dwellings or a studio apartment. The advantage is that they offer more flexibility in options and are generally on separate survey strata lots.

Single bedroom dwellings are subject to residential design codes, density bonuses and specific local planing policies applicable to single bedrooms.

Bonuses are intended for high density residential areas and make them great value for buyers and clients that are looking for small living spaces with some land and an outdoor area.

Single bedroom dwellings are also great for property owners with larger lots that are insufficient for compliance with reduced lot areas. This type of property is subdividable and can either generate rental income for the property owner or be subdivided and sold independently which makes it much better value than both apartments and ancillary dwellings.

If you have a property with potential upcoming subdivision or would like to know more information on this type of dwelling, feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion.


For more on other residential:


If you have a suitable unused space and the requirement for an additional living space in a separate structure, our team can help you utilise this space for a variety of custom designed purposes.

Whether serving as a guest house, parents/ teenagers retreat or a place for relatives who require their own living space, a dedicated entertainment area separate from the main residence or a purpose built home office or studio, the opportunities to create something customised to your needs are endless.

When creating your particular brief, it is possible to achieve the exacting functional and design results that encompass the best usage of your overall space down to the finest details of your planning.

If you have other ideas or plans that are not listed here, DN Studio are able to provide you with more information via our web enquiry form or by phoning on (08) 6420 9550. We offer obligation free complimentary consultations to discuss your needs in any areas and look forward to being of assistance.