Innovative architectural designs also have to be accompanied with

innovative engineers to deliver outstanding work of art creations.


When selecting an Engineer or Engineering Consultant, clients should consider professional industry experience and work completed in the field they are operating or constructing in.

We help our clients with Structural Engineering services to ensure designs are structurally secure and delivered with the highest safety standards in mind.
Underpinning the built environment, Structural Engineers advise on choosing materials for a project that are both durable and secure as well as meeting both the design brief and regulatory planning and construction requirements while keeping in mind cost aspects.

Although structural drawings are compulsory for building applications of any new or retrospective approval, they have to be accompanied with architectural drawings as they don’t include all of the required details for compliance with codes and building certification process, even for small additions such as a patio or boundary screen wall.

Structural Engineers mainly focus on the compliance of the structural integrity of a construction and architectural drawings to the contrary include no, or very minimal structural information.


Typical Structural Engineering drawings should include, but are not limited to:

Footing walls, wall details and tie downs
Reinforcing details
Solid classification report and designs to suit soil type
Retaining details
Suspended slab and concrete details
Structural steel member size and other details
Bracing details
Expanding as projects become more complex


Carefully selecting your engineer can lead to extensive cost savings on materials whilst maintaining the structural stability of a building long term.

Whether using traditional materials such as stone, timber or steel – or more contemporary and innovative options, an engineer ensures projects can be built within the aesthetic guidance of the Architectural Design as well as being structurally viable and enduring.

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