If you are a builder or a client currently working with us, please select one of the following;

With extensive industry experience in construction and documentation we are able to help our clients enlist the services of the correct construction company for their project based on the type of the project, quality goals and set budget our client is working with.

Our core business is Architectural Design and providing other documentation required for construction. Our clients are provided with copyrights to their project documentation and have the ability to select any construction contractor they chose outside our scope of work if they have the desire to take this route.

We understand that not all clients want to research information and potential contractors, or have expertise required to collect the correct information to compare options and costs. This process can be lengthy, time consuming and challenging without some prior knowledge.

This is why we give our clients the optional service of looking after quote provisions, or taking care of the complete tender process in-house. By using our industry experience to help our clients comparison process, we take into account contract and administration processes, as well as site inspections and Architectural project management.

We know that each situation is different and trust our clients to make choices about who they engage as contractors based on who they feel is most compatible to complete their work to a quality standard.

We believe in giving our clients choices every step of the way and don’t employ lock in contracts unless it is a preferred option by the client.

To find out more please contact us direct!