Understanding your project!



Just as it is important to understand and set project budgets, it is equally important to understand that progression of a project is occurring within allocated budgets in reference to design stage.

Through the process of estimating we can help you eliminate missing information regarding material selection and highlight any additional information that may be required to finalise construction within budget. It is important to spend time researching and estimating project expenditures before proceeding to construction. We often help clients who are considering extensive projects and are looking for multiple cost estimates, including those prepared by contractors, as well as independent cost estimates.  We also help many small builders or owner builders who are looking at organising their own projects and need additional information or advice regarding cost estimates.

It is also important for an architect working on a project within a set budget to have a clear understanding of where they are sitting in terms of construction costs. Different levels of cost estimations can be performed at independent stages of project design, documentation and construction.

Schematic concept design estimate

Design development estimate

Construction estimate


This has always been part of our design journey, specifically for architectural projects. We also provide take-off services to contractors, sub-contractors and other industry professionals across Australia, with expertise spanning across all types of commercial and residential estimation projects.

By reviewing different aspects with a benchmark of quality and affordability, we are able to offer a wealth of knowledge in making the best decision for our clients desired end goal.

We aim to provide a complete list of materials and required quantities, as well as a full cost estimate that you can work off and use comparatively during your construction process.


We understand that not everyone wants to do all of the research and information gathering required to compare options and costs. We provide our clients the option to research cost estimate projections at various stages of the design process and can take care of the complete tender process in-house, using our industry experience to help our clients comparison process or tender.

While it’s very difficult to estimate the cost of any given project with absolute precision, failure to prepare feasible cost estimates can lead to catastrophic consequences in cost overruns. Although projects can fail for a variety of unforeseen reasons, a skilled estimator will account for as many factors as necessary, including items such as market conditions, to create an accurate estimate.


Due to the risks involved, a major area of concern for both builders and clients is the financial impact of cost overruns and failing to complete a project in a timely or satisfactory matter, or in some cases, at all.

Our aim is to see that estimates are thoroughly prepared and appraised by both architectural and engineering professionals to meet the design scope and budget allowed, while understanding “hidden” costs and areas with the capacity to increase, clearly communicating these with those we work with.

By implementing correct project management techniques, you can envision overall time vs cost factors to help see a build delivered on time, on budget, and to our clients design satisfaction.


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