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The most exciting thing about Architectural Design is that each project has unique requirements in terms of design, form and function. This inevitably drives design to become unique individual Architectural design .

As a multi-disciplinary firm, DN Studio strives to deliver innovative design concepts to create building and renovation solutions for our clients, with the core of our business being Architectural Design and Documentation. To ensure our end results are wholly aligned with the values and specifications required by our client and comply with other parameters such as guidelines and regulations, we approach each unique situation with a focus on the most efficient route to arrive at the destination. 

We believe the best architectural design comes from a combination of many different elements. Structural, building services, purpose and function of space, elements of sustainability such as natural light, the relationship to adjoining surrounds and streetscapes, movement and many other factors. When carefully considered and combined together they inevitably form unique and creative buildings and spaces that lift the spirit and create a truly unique experience when engaged.


DN Studio is able to work with you from initial concept stage, through developing your design and planning to see you reach construction stage. Throughout this process we focus on understanding both the bigger picture and the precise intricacies of each individual project. Ensuring a range of strategies are implemented to see the finest design details encompassed, our overall outcome is to meet your greatest expectations, which is essential to the success of your project.

The level of service we provide in any undertaking is selected by our client based on the stage and size of a project. We take into account our clients own expertise and the level of input they want to contribute, as well as their allocated budget.

Feedback is considered and at every stage of our time working together, and implemented into the project as it progresses. We help by explaining details and guiding you through each step along the way as we progress. Creating a blueprint that reflects the core essence of our client’s brief and vision is key for us in bringing your ideas into the world.


Site analysis Project Site When we embark on a project, we discuss initial ideas and possibilities, survey subject sites, collate design inspiration and get a clear picture of our client’s vision.

Using all of the information gathered, we piece together a direction to move towards, turning our client’s desires into a working brief that meets both set budget and aesthetic aspects required.
Concept [ 02 / 05 ] STAGE Concept When considering the spatial planning of any development, we begin to document initial ideas into something real and workable, creating a basic map of the finished product. This may include further sites assessments and communication to allow complete project clarity.

During this stage we carefully consider aspects of the design and site that may provide opportunities or challenges and ensure that these are addressed before proceeding.

This is an intensive and exciting time which will most likely be your first experience of seeing your design come to life in some form in a physical sense, whether by sketches or draft stage 3D models. Clearer costings can be established and a quotation can be given for future works based on the concept guidelines.
Development [ 03 / 05 ] STAGE Development Approvals A crucial part of our design work is linked closely with the relevant documentation which must be provided to support each plan we create.
There are building codes and council regulations, as well as a host of other standards that must be ensured before even a simple renovation is finalised.
Large or complicated developments often require more complex documentation and preparing an application can be time consuming even with some experience in this area.
We are able to walk our clients through this process, completing any aspects of or all documentation required to reach approval stage. We aim to convey relevant legislation in a user friendly manner to help our clients understand each step of the process, ensuring clarity and a simpler process along the way
Having reached a conclusive Design direction, we now move to creating detailed, functional plans for interior and exterior designs required.
Consulting with other professionals and specialists allows us to ensure proper consideration is given to each individual element, which then combines into an overall masterplan for development and construction drawings and documentation
We aim to create each project in line with sustainable results. This means working harmoniously with the native environment, site limitations and long term considerations of the occupier.
Drafting [ 04 / 05 ] STAGE Construction Drawings At various stages upon creating your dream design, we will engage professional consultants from a variety of disciplines to work with us to create ideal outcomes.
This may be for small queries or large aspects of the project, depending on the inherent qualities and scope of our expertise in this area.
It may be extra assistance with design intricacies like colour or texture, or full scale assessments of the structure of the design.
We have created strong partnerships with highly sought after experts in the industry over the years and are confident in our collaborative ability to deliver regardless of the brief details set.
Construct [ 05 / 05 ] STAGE Tender and Depending on a project that we are involved in, some client may chose to work with us right through to the turn key process.

Refer to tender and construct page for more information on how we can help you through process of construction as well.


New Residential projects;
Residential additions and alterations (Additions);
Grouped dwellings ( Townhouses and Units );
Multi residential units;
Commercial developments;
Commercial additions and alterations;
Industrial developments;
Heritage and special needs;
Environmentally sustainable design;
Urban spaces


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